Alle Menschen in (Selbst)liebe zusammen zuführen und das Leben zu zelebrieren.

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S.P.A. – „Outlandish“

SOUL XXI - Comic Cum
Outlandish, amplifying the atmosphere with an audacious playlist.
Pushing limits, embracing the unconventional. The careful selections are not just the backdrop; it’s a provocative force, adding another layer of kink to the space. Attendees will find themselves immersed in a daring symphony elevating the feeling of freedom, connection, and uninhibited exploration. – in a controlled, comfortable (for everyone) environment.

Dzc. – Acid Lambada
Maximo – Connecting People
Lala – Moonshine Bunny
Funk U Saman – Mosaiek

Please read the Terms & Conditions of S.O.U.L. Spa.

Pre-Sale Tickets are no a guarantee of entry at the door.
Box office tickets: 25 EUR

No Cameras Inside – “It´s a Spa” – Personal Belongings must be stored in provided lockers.
Limited Capacity – We will take care of each other to create a wonderful night.
Towels will be provided, please bring your own slippers.

When: 16.02.2024
Where: Sportsauna, Lange Gasse 10/11, 1080 Wien
Start: 21:30
End: 11:00

Pre-Sale Tickets sold here

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